Drone Kits for Beginners – A great way to start

You want to get into the FPV hobby, but you are not sure what drone you should buy as a beginner. You also do not want to spend too much money? Then these kits are probably the best for you!

Getting in into the hobby has never been so cheap as today. There are some very affordable kits that are also quite good and with which you as a beginner will have fun. Even if you later find out that you don’t like the hobby, it won’t hurt that much because you spent not much money.

In this post, I will introduce two great drone kits for beginners. But first, there are a few important details you have to know.

Tiny Whoops – The best choice for beginners

Tiny Whoop

The two quadcopters I will introduce are called Tiny Whoops. Tiny Whoops are a lot smaller than the larger FPV quadcopters, like 5-inch drones. Due to their size, they are not as fast as the larger ones and the flight characteristics are usually worse. For beginners, however, they are in many ways the best choice.

  • With Whoops you can fly indoors. Because of their small size they cannot cause any damage or injuries. The possibility to fly indoors is a big advantage because you can still fly when its raining or in cold winter months.
  • Due to their lightweight and propeller guards, whoops are usually sturdy. This is important for beginners because you often crash while learning to fly.
  • Whoops are by far the cheapest FPV drones on the market.

Brushed and Brushless Motors

There are two different types of motors that are used in quadcopters: They are called Brushed and Brushless.

Brushed motors are often installed on cheaper Whoops. The advantage of brushed is that unlike brushless motors they are cheaper and lighter. The disadvantages are less efficiency and durability than brushless motors.

Except for whoops, brushless motors are almost always used in other drones. They are more expensive and heavier, but also more efficient and more durable.

Eachine E013 – The cheapest kit

The EV013 is a Ready To Fly Kit. So everything is included what you need to start flying.



The quality of the drone is not the best but for the price it’s definitely fine. The drone comes with a single LiPo battery. It is enough to fly, but considering the fact that the maximum flight time is 4 minutes and it takes around 30 minutes to charge, a few more batteries are useful.

Click here for a few extra LiPo´s. There’s also a parallel charger included, so you can charge all those LiPos at the same time.

The FPV goggles are a bit small because of the low price, but they suit well on the head. The resolution and quality of the display is more than enough for a beginner.

The remote control is also quite small, but this is normal at such low prices. It can’t compete with larger and more expensive remote controls, but the tips of the sticks are at least fitted with high-quality metal, which makes controlling the quadcopter more comfortable.

Furthermore, there are four replacement propellers included.

Flight modes and characteristics

The quadcopter only flies in angle mode. That means if you release the sticks back to the center, the drone with level itself automatically. This makes flying easier for beginners.

Furthermore, the remote control is equipped with a 3-position switch. Each position corresponds to an individual flight mode:

  • Beginner: slow, controls aren’t sensitive
  • Intermediate: more speed and medium sensitivity
  • Advanced: Maximum speed and agility

All in all, the drone flies pretty stable. The downside is that it’s quite underpowered for the weight and when flying outside, wind can be a problem.


For a beginner in this hobby who wants to try flying for the first time and not spend a lot of money, the kit is the best solution. Although the price so cheap, the components have sufficient quality.

Click on this link to buy the Eachine E013!

Emax Tinyhawk RTF Kit – More expensive and better

Emax’s RTF kit is also perfect for beginners. For almost three times the price you get a kit that is a lot better.



The whole kit comes in a high-quality box, which can also be used for transport. There are 8 spare propellers and a screwdriver included. As with the EV013 Kit, only one LiPo for the drone is included.

Here are a few spare batteries.

The drone is equipped with inverted motors. (The motors are positioned upside down) This allows the copter to fly amazingly smooth. Furthermore, the motors are Brushless.

The remote control has a much higher quality and its larger. It has 2 switches, which are already preassigned. More details of the occupancy of the switches below.

The FPV goggle has a very good quality for the low price. With two antennas, it has diversity, which enables better video quality. There is also a useful gimmick that allows you to change the distance from the screen of your eyes by sliding a built-in regulator.

Flight modes and characteristics

There are 3 flight modes, which are preassigned on a 3-Position Switch:

  • Angle: It’s the easiest mode for beginners, because I will hover in the air even if you stop moving your sticks.
  • Horizon: Horizon is basically the same as Angle mode, but you can do tricks like loopings.
  • Acro: Acro mode is the hardest to learn, because it’s full manual. But you have the full freedom when flying.

There is also a 2 position switch which activates a beeper. This is very useful when you crash somewhere, where you can’t find the drone.

The quadcopter flies incredibly smooth, first because of inverted motors. The other reason is that the copter is tuned perfectly for beginners so the controls are smooth and not too sensitive.

Buy the Emax Tinyhawk RTF Kit here!


Like the Eachine E013, this kit is also designed for beginners. On the one hand, it is quite expensive if you compare it to the E013, but on the other hand, you get the best value for the price. Especially the whoop is one of the best in this price range and you will have fun with it for a very long time.

Which kit should I buy?

Both of the kits are perfect for beginners. But there’s a huge difference between the prices. Here’s a short summary.


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