FPV drone kits – RTF, BNF, ARF

If you are looking for fpv drone kits then these three terms will quickly appear: RTF, BNF, ARF. You’re probably wondering what the abbreviations mean and what is the right kit for you. Here you will get all the information you need to know about this topic!

What you need to fly

To start flying, only the quadcopter won’t be enough. You need more equipment to start in the hobby:

  • Of course, you need the drone. That’s what this awesome hobby is all about.
  • The remote control /transmitter is also very important. When you move the sticks of the transmitter, it sends a signal to the receiver, which is installed on the drone. That’s how the drone knows where to fly.
  • The FPV goggles display a live-video, that is captured by a camera which is mounted on the quadcopter.
  • There are also a few things that you must have: For example, LiPo batteries, a charger, and spare parts, like propellers, are always good to have.


Each kit differs in which equipment is included. There are all-round packages, but also sometimes you need more equipment. But more about that in the next few points:

RTF – Ready To Fly

The abbreviation RTF means “Ready To Fly”. As the name implies, in this package is everything included you need to start flying.

The kit normally contains the quadcopter, a transmitter, and FPV-Goggles. The drone is also equipped with a suitable receiver. Furthermore, there are many other important things included, that you need. For example LiPo batteries, a charger, propellers, and more.

So basically, RTF is an all-round kit that usually comes with everything you need to fly.

BNF – Bind And Fly

BNF means “Bind And Fly”. In this kit, the transmitter and FPV-Goggles not included.

So “Bind And Fly” is a good option for you when you already own a transmitter and goggles. The quadcopter is already equipped with a receiver. So you only have to connect your remote control with the quadcopter before you can fly.

But before you buy a BNF kit, you should make sure that your transmitter is compatible with the receiver. Because every remote control brand has individual transmission protocols and you cant bind a receiver with a transmitter from a different brand.

ARF – Almost Ready To Fly

“Almost Ready to Fly” is not as easy as the other two kits. You have to inform yourself about what components are contained.

Each “Almost Ready To Fly” Kit differs in which components are included. The quadcopter can already be assembled, but sometimes you have to buy components such as the receiver yourself. Furthermore, it is always different whether the remote control and the FPV goggles are included.

So if you want to buy an ARF kit, you have to inform you about the included components in advance. You also need more items to start flying.

What is the best kit for a beginner?

If you are a complete beginner and have never flown before, the Ready To Fly variant is probably the best for you. Because RTF kits are relatively cheap and are the most beginner-friendly. Because everything you need to fly to start flying is included, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you already have a remote control and want to buy another drone, Bind And Fly is the best way to go. You only have to connect your transmitter once with the receiver of the drone and you’re done. But make sure when buying one you must pay attention to whether the receiver is compatible with your remote control. If not, it is not possible to fly the quadcopter.

You cannot assign the “Almost Ready to Fly” kit to a specific target group. Because every ARF kit differs from others.

Keep in mind that, the manufacturers usually stick to the standard of the kits. But there can always be exceptions. That’s why you should always inform yourself about what is included in the respective kit before buying.

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