What Is The Best Drone For Beginners? An Explanation

You’re asking for the best drone for beginners? Then this is the perfect website for you. Here you will learn everything you need to know about drones and in the end, you can choose the perfect drone for you.

What are drones?

Roughly speaking, drones are unmanned areal vehicles. But the word “Drone” is spacious. For example, there are combat drones that are used to spot or destroy specific targets.

But drones are also flown in the field of hobbies, and that’s what it’s all about here. Normally these drones have four propellers and are therefore called quadcopters. Quadcopters are controlled from the ground via remote control/transmitter.

These quadcopters are divided into two types: FPV Racing drones and camera drones.

FPV Racing Drones                                                                                        fpv-quadcopter

The abbreviation FPV means First-Person-View and the pilot sees live what the camera of the drone records. To accomplish this, a video signal is transmitted from the drone to a video goggle that the pilot wears on his head. This gives the pilot the feeling, that he is sitting in the quadcopter. This makes it possible to control the quadcopter even where you would not even see it with your own eyes. FPV drones are designed for speed, agility, and robustness. Because flying over 100kph is usually nothing special for these drones.

FPV drones are divided into two different types:

  • “FPV Racing”: As the name indicates, it’s about racing. In short, several people fly in a parkour through so-called “gates” and other obstacles against each other. The pilot, who reaches the finish first, wins the race. The goal is to fly the curves as tight as possible while maintaining high speeds.
  • “FPV Freestyle”: Unlike racing, there is no real goal in freestyle. You just fly somewhere and have fun, for example in forests or abandoned buildings. Also popular is the so-called “building diving”, where you fly to the top of high-rise buildings and then let yourself fall close to the building. Also, there are a variety of tricks that pilots often perform when flying, such as the “Powerloop”, where you fly a loop around an obstacle.

Camera Drones

Unlike FPV quadcopters, camera drones are designed to take very cinematic and smooth shots. That’s why camera drones have other characteristics than fpv drones.

Camera Drone

Flying camera drones is easy because of various systems for stabilization. They automatically hold the height and if you stop controlling, they also stop automatically.
Many drones also have sensors that automatically detect obstacles so they stop before crashing into them. Furthermore, some cameras have a gimbal, which is a mechanical stabilizer. It compensates for any jerking, allowing very smooth shots.

All these functions make the flight a lot easier. This is necessary because the pilot has to concentrate on the shot. So basically, the drone is responsible for the safe flying part and the pilot is doing the recording part.

Video samples

Not quite sure what you should imagine under FPV or camera drones? No problem! Here are three sample videos that illustrate the hobby.

FPV Freestyle

FPV Racing

Camera Drones


As you can see, there is a big difference between FPV and Camera drones. They have different characteristics and are used in different sectors.

Especially in the beginning, FPV quadcopters are hard to fly, because there is no stabilization. But on the other hand, you don’t have limitations when flying. Flying camera drones is much easier due to various intelligent flight functions. The downside is that you do not have as much freedom to fly as with FPV quadcopters. For example, it is not possible to fly a looping

All in all, there is no better drone. FPV and camera drones are completely different and you can’t compare them. It completely depends on your taste. Flying Quadcopters, whether FPV or camera drones, is a great hobby with an awesome community! You will have a lot of fun!


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    1. Hello Kaylon,

      Camera drones are indeed great for areal shots!
      The brand I recommend is DJI. The drones they make are great but expensive too.
      The cheapest camera drone I would recommend is the Ryze Tello. It’s great for beginners who want to try out drones.

      Best regards,

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